Offcutz Of The Bizarre​[​11 Nov 2017]

by Irrefutable



Another journey into the world of hip-hop, cyberpunk sci-fi and post-modern civilization.

1. Dark Net [Intro]
2. Aeon Flux - Prod. Boogie Beats
3. D Militarized Zone - Prod. Green Dutch
4. Cure 4 Wellness Ft Mac The Rebel - Prod. Green Dutch(50%)
5. Static Hallucinations - Prod. Green Dutch
6. False Memory Mandela Effect Ft EL*A*Kwents - Prod. Mac The Rebel(50%)
7. Dark City - Prod. Sein
8. Death Cult Cyphers(Gambol Music Rmx)
9. Scrapyard Assassins - Prod. Green Dutch
10. Post-Truth Post-Reality - Prod. TSwan
11. Regime Of Changing Faces - Prod. Ace M Metric
12. Jungian Psychological Balance Ft Alphabetik - Prod. Green Dutch
13. Meridian Track Ft Wise-Weapon - Prod. Green Dutch(50%)
14. Lunar Serenade Ft Wise-Weapon & Skinny Bonez Tha Godfatha - Prod. Sein
15. Space X Skywalker - Prod. Green Dutch
16. Off World Weaponry [Outro]


releases November 11, 2017



all rights reserved
Track Name: Dark City - Prod.Sein
Verse 1
Trying to escape the circle, nightlife nocturnal,
seeing hazes of purple, and lights of red,
drinking a brew in the West-end,
getting squidfaced like Lovecraftian
Watching truth's essence,
becoming evanescent,
under the flickering fluorescents,
as i remain ever present,
glued to a world of the senses,
like epoxy residue or eyes to a screen
Ergo Proxy, Chinese whispers through the machine,
but i aint paying attention to that,claptrap
Trying to make sense of the abstract,
memories like John Murdoch,
but ive lost the plot, and many pieces
like a first edition, with half the exposition,
missing, questioning my state of existence,
and if the verisimilitude's sufficient
In a hall of fun house mirrors and distortionists,
perceptions of self-reflection, bent up like a contortionist,
embryos of thought, deaded by the technological abortionist,
sold ideals of fraudulence, that are manufactured en masse,
like Guy Fawkes masks, #Resist, #Obey, #FuckThisShit
In the dark city we live, unable to forgive,
ready to hack each other up over some old shit,
like Cold Fish, not even remembering how it came to this,
A Suicide Circle, forms in the malebolge ditch,
humanity's killing itself, and we dont need any help,
from god or the devil, mankind's mind unsettled,
like Palestinians in the West Bank, displaced,
underneath the tracks of a tank
Expected to give thanks, to the gods of capital,
up in the maya/Myer Center all casual,
praising the material, but i aint that predictable,
chaotic individual, seeking out the light
But it seems im always staring at the dark skies of night,
while i blaze the jade Buddha, and try to gain some insight
Track Name: Death Cult Cyphers(Gambol Music Rmx)
Verse 1

Reveling in violence, devilish sirens,
hate filled warmongers, flag wave,
spew dogma, like Ann Coulter
Spark the white phosphorous
leave ya looking like
half melted wax sculptures,
Made burnt offerings on the alter,
of conflict brokers, like bombed soldiers,
Im chilling with the Buddha smokers,
while capitalism births another vulture,
to circle over, the death cult cyphers,
Where doomsday prophets,
preach hateful concepts,
through the barrel of smoking guns,
Resonating terror, like nuclear era,
bombs dropped by the megaton
Monotheistics, barbarianistic,
still fighting over sky gods,
and the divination of mystics
Mans a savage in crisis,
taking the gods name in vain like ISIS

Verse 2
with blue, white & red pompoms,
cheer on , the war bombs,
psychotic patriotism is infectious,
the populace, has had their minds molested,
by the demagoguery
Clamoring for blood, jingoistic policies,
truth is, war is, political economy
So theres violence, everywhere in the global arena,
& we scream on euphoric, like heavy weight matches
with John Cena, watching the 24hr fear cycle
play out in the news media, receding the, sanity,
till your a heathen sacrificing your own humanity
Dancing around the burning oil rig like pagan ritualism,
21st century tribalism, urban primalism,
in the entropy making primal decisions

primal decisions
Track Name: Regime Of Changing Faces - Prod. Ace M Metric
Verse 1
Mouthpiece, talking heads,
mythical hydra beast, formed of men
The doublespeak, forked-tongue, snake sheds,
changing skin, but aint changing whats within
A meat puppet, with eyes bigger than your stomach,
greased palms, and golden parachutes for your plummet
Catering to business interests, like Gina Rinehart,
not those mining sparks, in the salt-mines,
or towing the line, 9-5
Shape-shifting appearances of false dichotomy,
control apparatus of heteronomy,
status-quo of the industrial monopoly
Put it all in the omnibus bill or policy,
and vote on it in a roomful of industry owned,
IVF clones, following IMF schematics for the globe
Unlimited growth, of capitalism,
till all the resources are exhausted,
shipped and exported,

while 90% exploited & extorted

Verse 2
Crypto-fascist, union bashing,
workhouse managers, healthcare axers,
and welfare cutters, theyre under the covers
In bed with business insiders,
like spy cops on drug assignments
Puppetry so overt you can see the wires,
parasitic like a coven of vampires,
acting incognito,
trying the sneak attack like Hirohito
Getting in the panama papers,
with accounts in the Caymans,
spitting fancy slogans for the layman
Your characters, someone should
assassinated them, like Kim Jong-Nam
Rocking a LOL shirt so i dont have to laugh,
at the vast, circus of painted faces & shark,
-toothed smiles

Its a regime of changing faces,
got you in invisible chains & anklets,
labor strain, in the thankless
The faces rearrange,
but it remains, the sameness,
its a regime of changing faces